MacDonald Awning has been providing residential and commercial customers alike with the latest innovative awning solutions for over 30 years. Awnings have come a long way from the days of aluminium awnings that all looked alike. You no longer have to choose between aesthetics or functionality, MacDonald Awning has both.

Today awnings are available a wide range of styles and colours that are sure to enhance the value of your home. The most popular awnings today are composed of acrylic fabricswhich give the customers more selection and are much superior products.  The new acrylic fabrics are water repellent and will last for 15 to 20 years without cracks, mildew or fading. This tightly woven fabric is 98-99% UV and water-resistant.

There is a five year warranty on the fabric but you should expect many more years of service from this material.

MacDonald Awnings are available in a wide variety of styles, from traditional fixed awnings to the more popular retractable styles. All of the retractable awnings are self-supporting to maximize your usable living space. The retractable awnings can be operated with a hand-crank, or an electric motor. With a motorized remote control, you can command your comfort around the clock with the touch of a button. The most sophisticated model includes sensors that will automatically extend or retract the awning, depending on the levels of sunlight or wind to protect your home whether you are home or away.

MacDonald Awnings have small space requirements thanks to innovative mounting systems. They can be mounted to the wall, ceiling or rafters, allowing the awning installation in even the tightest spaces.

Safety, durability and easy handling are important features of all MacDonald Awnings. All MacDonald Awnings are manufactured to the highest standards and thoroughly tested, they truly offer the best value money can buy. The innovative cylindrical design is sleek and compact. This elegant design of the cassette hood gives additional value to every house and protects the fabric and the mechanism from the elements. Their State – of – the art technology and extensive protection against corrosion guarantees the trouble free operation of your awning for many, many years. MacDonald Awnings uncompromising combination of perfect functionality and aesthetic design adds value to every house.

Tilting pitch control is the centerpiece of every Sunrise style of Awning, which allows you to set the front bar to the desired height when the awning is extended.

You can also protect yourself from a low setting sun and maximize your privacy. Vario-Volant, the special front bar with separate, telescopic valance avoids glare and safeguards your privacy.

All MacDonald Awnings carry a minimum five year warranty. This includes the hardware, fabric, and motorization, if so equipped.

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