Today’s consumer is looking for reliable, low maintenance products with design flair that are practical and architecturally pleasing. Railcraft® Aluminum Railing Systems are easy to Maintain, quality guaranteed and built to last.

As Saskatoon's only Railcraft® dealer, the Saskatoon Deck Shop can custom design your railings to enhance the beauty and value of your project.

Established in 1985, Railcraft® quickly became the rail system of choice among professionals in the construction industry and residential customers alike. Railcraft® is manufactured in a 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and dispersed to distribution centers across North America.  Railcraft® Aluminum Railing Systems are specifically designed, developed and engineered to meet the needs of customers for a wide range of applications. Railcraft® provides quality railing components and parts, allowing an affordable and adaptable choice that will complement any project. Railcraft products can also be custom made to meet your personal preferences.

Versatility makes Railcraft® Railing Products suitable for use in residential, commercial and institutional applications. Railcraft® products continue to be top sellers by providing a leading edge combination of originality and functionality. Railcraft's dedicated approach to development, research and engineering enables them to provide their customers with the highest level of quality and versatility possible. Railcraft® products have been used successfully in thousands of projects throughout North America. Railcraft® meets all North American building code requirements. In addition to this, Railcraft®aluminum railings have passed Saskatchewan’s stringent testing, and have complete Saskatchewan Engineering stamps. Using Railcraft®rails gives you the piece of mind that only a Fully Engineered rail system can offer - safety, functionality, beauty and an unlimited maintenance free lifespan - Only Railcraft® has it all!


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Available Colours

Railcraft® Aluminum Railing Products are available in seven standard colours, and countless custom colours to match your home. We are also excited about Railcraft® ’s newest product release - completely maintenance free aluminum railing with the look and feel of wood without the hassle! Available in many different colours and grains, you will not believe how natural these rails look!

Railcraft® Aluminum Railing Systems are available in many different top rail profiles, and all of our posts are also available in many sizes. This allows you to achieve the look that you want, from sleek and seamless to a bulkier architectural presence. 

Railcraft® Aluminum Railing Systems are available as Picket Systems, Glass Systems or any combination you can dream of. All rail systems are made to fit your specifications and are assembled on site to ensure the best fit for your particular area. Custom heights are available for use as a windbreak or added privacy.

Glass Rail Systems are also available in numerous styles. Clear glass is the standard, however the glass may betinted in one of many colours to enhance the colour pallet of your home. There are several differentpatterned glass panels that can be used as a decorative feature, or to provide extra privacy. Glass etching is also available, where your design possibilities are limited only by your imagination! The Topless Glass Rail Systems are increasingly popular, as this system allows you to maximize your view.



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