Flexstone Deck Coating


Flexstone is a thick, rubberized liquid deck coating that can be customized in colour and texture for your space. Flexstone rubber deck coating is solvent-free, containing no harsh chemicals in the base coat layer. It is 100% UV stable and resistant to extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, and fading. It also has approval for use over a living space by Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).

The UV stability, and reflective nature of a Flexstone finish saves you energy costs, while providing a tough outer shell membrane protection from traffic and UV damage, making this deck coating ideal for application on sundecks, flat roofs, patio decks, balcony decks, and roof decks in addition to high-traffic areas like concrete stairs or garage floors.

As a liquid rubber deck coating, your upgraded space gets many benefits, including 100% water resistance for decades due to the seamless, thick and flexible application, and the comfort of durability, as this brand of rubber deck coating uses heat-treated seams designed to withstand harsh Canadian weather.


Deck Coating Options

100% Waterproof

Flexstone lasts decades with it’s waterproof deck coating. Seamless, thick, and flexible.


Built to withstand Canada’s harsh climates, with heat treated seams. Lasts 20-30 years before repairs are needed.


100% solvent-free. No solvents or harsh chemicals in the base coat.

Flexstone Colors

Flexstone deck coatings are available in a variety of luxurious finish options with long-lasting results designed to suit any home aesthetic. Deck coatings are available in either the standard finish – a semi-solid gloss coat – or a textured stone finish made with a unique blend of acrylic chips. Either choice creates the same tough, slip-resistant shell.  

Flexstone deck coating is ideal for getting the feel of the landscape underneath your feet, with textures reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains, the Alberta Badlands, Hudson’s Bay, or the Boreal Forest. The right combination of deck coating and details.

Mountain Granite
Badlands Tan
Hudson's Grey
Boreal Brown
Warranty: 5-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty 1-year Limited Workmanship Warranty. Recommended Applications: Concrete front steps and garage floors.
Other Applications: Flat roofs, deck surfaces and steps, driveways, etc. Flexstone has a 3 day application process and is useable 24 hours after the Clear Coat has been applied. Each of the layers (as seen below) needs to fully cure prior to the next being applied. 1) Base Coat – consists of a premium urethane and water and can be applied to new plywood, concrete, torch-on roofing, vinyl decking, metal, and fiberglass.
2) Top Coat – consists of aliphatic (UV stable & fade resistant) urethane and is back rolled with a fine silica sand.
3) Acrylic Chips – this layer consists of an aromatic top coat with broadcast acrylic flakes or other customization media.
4) Clear Coat – clear urethane coat to provide a protective, flexible, glossy layer
For more information on Flexstone liquid rubber deck coating, visit our showroom or www.flexstones.ca
Can you apply this over existing deck boards?

Unfortunately, Flexstone requires a solid surface for installation.  We would need to either apply a thin layer of plywood over top of the exisisting boards or remove them and sheet the deck with a thicker layer of plywood.

How do remove snow? Can you use a shovel? Ice melt? Kitty Litter?

You can use a plastic edged snow shovel to remove the bulk of your snow from the surface.  When it comes to ice buildup, ice melt and kitty litter products can be used but ensure you sweep off any excess once the threat of inclement weather has passed and give the surface a water rinse early in the spring so nothing gets baked on.

Will the Flexstone crack when it gets cold?

No, Flexstone has been designed to stay flexible, even in the harshest of conditions.

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