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Railcraft logoFinish your deck with deck railing from Saskatoon Deck Shop! Our durable and stylish railings are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and safety to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, our expert team will help you find the perfect railing for your home. Trust in Saskatoon Deck Shop for all your decking needs!

Standard Railcraft Features

  • Standard Rail Heights: 36” and 42” tall options
  • Powder Cost Finish: AAMA 2604 & 2605 approved applicator
  • Colour options: Seven standard colours
  • Rail profiles: Over 30 different rail profiles

Aluminum Deck Railing

Railcraft has been the go-to manufacturer for quality powder-coated aluminum railing products in North America since 1985. With a practical and aesthetically pleasing design flair, their reliable and low- maintenance aluminum railing systems are unmatched.

Specifically, Railcraft’s aluminum deck railing is designed to withstand even the harshest Canadian weather conditions while maintaining quality and durability. Their unique component-based design allows for complete customization, making Railcraft the perfect choice for railings for decks. Rest assured, all Railcraft products are quality guaranteed and built to last.

Picket Railing

Railcraft’s Picket Railings are a popular choice for their easy maintenance, design options, and safety features. They are a cost-effective solution for deck projects and have been a staple of Railcraft’s work throughout North America. Our picket railing systems are professionally welded, providing excellent structural integrity and resistance to wind and weather.

Glass Deck Railing Systems

Railcraft’s glass deck railing systems are also completely customizable, quality guaranteed, and built to last, even in the harshest conditions. Compared to metal deck railings, however, you have even more options that can enhance the look of your home or the experience of your deck when you go with a glass railing for your deck.

Glass Railing with Top and Bottom Rail

Glass railing systems with top rail and bottom rail provide both functionality and aesthetics, with the welded aluminum frame offering structural support and the glass panels offering an unobstructed view.

Using these systems can also increase property value. Railcraft’s glass systems meet industry standards and offer a variety of options for architects, builders, and homeowners, including customizable top rail choices.

Topless Glass Railing

The topless glass railing by Railcraft is a sleek and modern design that provides an unobstructed view while still ensuring safety. With no top railing, the tempered glass panels are secured with stainless steel clamps for a minimalist aesthetic. Topless glass deck railings are popular for in pool surroundings, wind- walls, decks and balconies, because they provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings. They’re also quite beautiful on their own.

Privacy Glass Railing

Railcraft’s privacy glass railing provides a sleek and modern solution for balconies, decks, and staircases. The tempered glass panels offer a secure and durable barrier while also providing privacy without obstructing the view. With customizable options such as glass tint and railing finish, Railcraft’s privacy glass railing is a perfect addition to any contemporary space.

Cable Railing

Railcraft Cable Railings are ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas, and offer property owners a vast array of customization options. Our cable railings are constructed to endure harsh weather conditions, ensuring unparalleled durability and customer safety, all while maintaining unobstructed views.

Regardless of whether you require cable railing for a commercial or residential space, Railcraft has you covered. Our cable railing is ideally suited for Canadian weather extremes, making it perfect for a variety of applications, ranging from outdoor living spaces to indoor stairways.

Horizontal Bar Railing

The horizontal bar railing is a contemporary and non-traditional solution for outdoor spaces that achieves high style without compromising on safety. It offers an upscale and modern look that distinguishes any space with sleek, minimalist horizontal bars. Horizontal bar railing is provided by Duradeck.

Hand Rails for Side of Stairs

Improve safety by providing support and stability for people ascending and descending the stairs. Handrails also make it easier for people with mobility issues or disabilities to use the stairs. In addition, handrails can enhance the overall appearance of the deck by adding a decorative element.

Deck Railing Cost

Want to upgrade your deck railing to a more modern design? With over 30 years of experience doing just that, Saskatoon Deck Shop has the experience to finish your project on time and on budget.


Maintenance. Wood railings require protection from rot and insects in the form of painting or staining while metal railings are prone to rust and peeling paint. Aluminum railings do not require painting or staining due to their powder coated finish and are corrosion resistant while maintaining the same mechanical properties as steel.

It is important to verify with your local building codes before ordering railing. As a general rule, if your deck is under 24″ in height, no railings are required. For decks with an overall height between 24″ and 71″, a 36″ high railing is necessary, while decks over 71″ from the ground require a 42″ railing. It is always advisable to confirm these guidelines with your local building official to ensure compliance with specific regulations.

To keep wood railings in good condition, they need to be protected from rot and insects, which can be done by applying paint or stain. On the other hand, metal railings are vulnerable to rust and paint peeling. However, aluminum railings have a powder-coated finish that doesn’t require painting or staining, and they are also corrosion-esistant. Despite this, they have the same mechanical properties as steel.
Powder coating is a robust coating that is applied as a dry, free-flowing powder. Unlike traditional liquid paint, it doesn’t need a solvent to maintain the liquid suspension of its binder and filler components. Instead, the coating is electrostatically applied and then heated to gel and cure, allowing it to flow and create a protective “skin.” This produces an even, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing finish of superior quality.
Railcraft railings are made of aluminum. One of the major advantages of using aluminum is its non-corrosive nature, which makes it an excellent choice for wet environments or for decks located near 
lakes, pools, or oceans, where rust can be a major issue.