Is Vinyl Decking Cheaper Than Wood?

Vinyl decking products are designed to be installed over flat surfaces, typically plywood or concrete as a base. In most cases, vinyl acts as a barrier against moisture, reducing the potential of rot, mold and mildew, all while adding a comfortable outdoor living space to your home. When compared to traditional wood decking, sheet vinyl decking is roughly the same cost for materials and installation.

What is Vinyl Decking? 

Duradek, is the original vinyl decking material, started back in 1974 as a waterproof vinyl membrane for flat roofs and rooftop decks. Yet, many of the homeowners were not aware of the roofing membrane aspect and used the product for decking. 

The primary function was to create a waterproof, walkable membrane above living spaces.  This makes many vinyl decking products both a roofing and flooring product. Once installed, vinyl creates a tough, slip resistant finish allows you to walk on it with ease. 

Duradek comes in 27 different finishes, making it perfect for any home or building. 

How Long Will A Vinyl Deck Last?

The major of vinyl decking is warrantied up to 15 years with nothing done by the homeowner.

Many homeowners find they can extend that life to 20 or 25 years before replacement is needed. By cleaning the surface with soapy water and brush once a year, checking the seams for peeling and re-caulk the joints around handrail posts. This is the minimal amount of maintenance needed when compared to a traditional wood deck. 

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Decking?

As a homeowner, vinyl decking offers a low maintenance living space that is comfortable on bare skin with no risk of splinters. This allows you to bring some indoor activities with family and friends to the outdoors and enjoy the weather. 

Another aspect of low maintenance is reducing cost of upkeep for vinyl. You won’t be required to stain, sand, and replace deck boards every other year. Saving you time and money. 

Duradek leads the industry with 27 different colours and patterns to match your home’s exterior. Duradek is manufactured with built-in UV resistance and mold & mildew inhibitors, making sure your building stays safe from future issues.

Installation of Vinyl Decking

For a proper waterproof barrier, it is recommended professional installers complete your project. Saskatoon Deck Shop is a qualified installer for vinyl decking and are the largest distributor of Duradek in Saskatchewan. 

For the proper installation, vinyl decking products glue is used to adhere the rolls along with heat-welded seams between the 72-inch-wide sections. This ensures zero leaks can occur between the sections of vinyl. 

Looking for a low-maintenance deck with added dry storage for your winter or summer adventures? Are you looking to beautify your rooftop deck or patio? 

We’ve got you covered… when it comes to your deck!
We offer Duradek Vinyl Decking which is ideal for: 

Roof Decks
Sun Decks
Pool and Hot Tub surrounds
Multi-Resident Decks
Commercial Decks 

Vinyl decking is designed for strength, stability and slip resistance, making it a great low maintenance option while holding up to extreme temperatures. 
Reach out to Saskatoon Deck Shop to start building your dreams today!

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