Sunspace Sunrooms for Saskatoon


Sunspace Sunrooms add beauty and comfort while increasing the value of your home or cabin, and can be installed directly onto existing patios, decks, and even under previously constructed roofs for maximum convenience. The best part is that you can choose from various material and insulation options to transform your porch, patio or deck into your perfect space, and the various color and finish options make your new sunroom feel like it was always part of your home.

Sunspace Sunrooms’ broad range of products include patio covers, WeatherMaster windows, and porch enclosures designed to extend your enjoyment of outdoor living while eliminating the common annoyances of wind, rain, insects, and harmful UV rays.

Sunroom Ideas


Sunspace Colors

Model 100 - Screen Rooms
Model 200 - Weathermaster
Available Tints
Model 300 - 3 Season
Model 400 - Insulated
Warranty: Varies by product with a minimum of 10 years
Installation Options: Supply Only or Supply and Install.
Model 100 – Screen Room: Full ventilation with floor to ceiling screen.
Model 200 – Sunroom: Vinyl 4-track windows are used to create a customizable air flow,
Model 300 – 3 Season Room: Uses an insulated roof system and single glazed windows.
Model 400 – Insulated Sunroom: Uses an Insulated Roof System and double glazed, high efficiency, low E-Argon window.
Weather Master Vinyl Track Windows – use View Flex vinyl, which is more durable than glass, Weather Master 2 and 4 track window systems are made to your openings with a maximum span of 12’ wide and 8’ high. These are adjustable by sliding and stacking the windows up, down, in the middle, or removing them completely to customize the amount of air flow in the space. Matching doors are also available in single or French door styles.
Acrylic Patio Covers – UV stable material that will filter/soften harsh light while maintaining a high level of light transmission. Insulated Roof Systems – durable, high density foam cores with aluminum skins laminated on either sides or an optional OSB core exterior on one side to accommodate shingles. They have internal water trough system to channel moisture away.
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How durable are the vinyl windows?

WeatherMaster vinyl windows are made with View Flex vinyl glazing which is more durable than glass. After an impact, the windows “self-heal” to go back to their original tension. Special care is required when cleaning these windows to prevent scratching or deterioration of the vinyl.

Do we still need to have railing if we have an enclosure?

That depends on several different factors including local building codes, elevation off the ground, type of enclosure, etc. If a railing is required, Sunspace enclosures can incorporate picket, glass, or solid aluminum sections into the wall panels to satisfy the requirement. As all enclosures are custom designed and built, you can choose the option that best suits your budget and style.

Can you put a heater inside the enclosure?

You can. Adding a heater to your enclosure is one of the best ways to stretch the seasonal use of your space. We do recommend using an electric heater inside the enclosures as there is not always enough ventilation to use alternatives. Ensure that when you are using a heater that you follow the manufacturer’s usage guidelines.

Sunroom Cost

Want to upgrade your Saskatoon porch or deck to a delightful sunroom? With over 23 years of experience doing just that, Saskatoon Deck Shop has the experience to finish your project on time and on budget.