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SunspaceSunspace Sunrooms, supplied and installed by Saskatoon Deck Shop, offer a beautiful and functional space to enjoy the outdoors while remaining indoors. These sunroom products feature large windows that allow for plenty of natural light and a solid roof and walls that provide insulation and protection from the elements. With a variety of styles and customizable options available, these sunrooms can be tailored to fit any home and design preference. Enjoy your backyard year-round with a Sunspace Sunroom from Saskatoon Deck Shop.

Sunroom vs Solarium

Sunrooms and solariums are both types of rooms designed to let in natural light and offer a space for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Sunrooms typically have a solid roof and walls, with large windows or glass panels to let in light. They are often attached to the house, share the same roof as the house and can be used as additional living space.

Solariums, on the other hand, are fully enclosed glass rooms that can be attached to the house or built as a standalone structure. They typically have glass roofs and walls, allowing for maximum sunlight and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Solariums are often used as indoor gardens or as a space for growing plants

Sunroom Models

If you are looking for sunroom models, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from for multiple applications.

Screenroom - Model 100

The Sunspace Model 100 provides an ideal environment for entertaining guests, family and friends, free from the nuisance of pests and insects. With its robust aluminum construction and sturdy screens, it is available in several colors to suit your style. The Model 100 is highly customizable, with the option of adding integrated aluminum or glass railings to enhance its design.
  • Screen only
  • Integrated picket railings are optional
  • Easily upgrade to Model 200 for protection against sun, wind and rain.

WeatherMaster - Model 200

If you’re a fan of the fresh air on your deck but want protection from insects, the weather, and harmful UV rays, then the Sunspace Model 200 is the solution you’re seeking. Constructed with two-inch foam panels and extrusions, the walls are equipped with the adaptable WeatherMaster® 4-Track Vinyl Window System. These windows slide smoothly up or down, providing a generous 75% ventilation opening.

With a variety of colors to choose from for the wall and window frames, you have the flexibility to match your new Sunroom with your home or cottage’s exterior. The WeatherMaster® vinyl windows are crafted with durable ViewFlex glazed vinyl and come in four tint colors: clear, smoke grey, dark grey, and bronze.

  • 75% ventilation
  • Infinitely adjustable, stack up, stack down, bunch up in the middle
  • Perfect for under existing roof applications
  • View Flex vinyl glazing is more durable than glass, time tested for over 40 years
  • Full fiberglass mesh screen
  • Stylish & contemporary designs
  • Adapts well with new construction
  • Backed by manufacturer factory warranty

3 Season Sunroom - Model 300

Adding a 3 Season Sunroom from Sunspace can bring light and life to any home. With Sunspace’s 2″ extruded insulated aluminum pillars and single glazed glass, the 3 Season Sunroom boasts strength, stability, and a nearly maintenance-free exterior. The windows are framed in aluminum and feature double rollers, providing ventilation from both sides with no fixed side as both sashes are operational.

Sunspace offers a range of roof systems to suit your requirements, whether you prefer a cathedral ceiling or a modern studio pitch roof. These roofs can be installed over an existing deck, porch, or even a carport.

  • Choose from 3″, 4″ or 6″ thicknesses
  • Roof projection, snow load & R-Value are always considered in the customization of your roof system
  • All systems constructed of high density foam core
  • Laminated with aluminum skins on both sides
  • Worry-free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia

Insulated Sunroom - Model 400

Thermal Room Walls

3″ high-density foam panels provide warmth and comfort, while heavy gauge 3″ aluminum extrusions offer robust wind and snow load support. Commercial-grade thermal breaks on all extrusions reduce condensation and heat loss. The windows feature high-efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas, adding an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Patio Room Walls

The Sunspace Patio Room System is ideal for seasonal use, extending the duration of your favorite seasons. With its high-density 2″ foam panels and heavy-gauge 2″ aluminum extrusions, it provides excellent insulation. Moreover, it comes with a variety of top-quality door and window systems, making it a custom-fit for your specific needs.


Therma-Deck is a pre-manufactured, insulated floor deck available in 4-1/2″, 6-1/2″, and 8-1/4″ thicknesses. It features an engineered oriented strand board sheet with an insulating core, eliminating the need for costly foundation work and installation labor. It also has a finished surface that is ready to receive various flooring types. Therma-Deck’s strength allows it to be used as a roofing product, with shingles on the exterior and various interior ceiling finishes.
  • High efficiency glass windows with
  • Low-E Argon gas
  • High-density 2″ or 3″ wall foam panels
  • Deck R-value available in R17, R26, & R35
  • Heavy gauge 2″ or 3″ aluminum extrusions for a strong, rigid frame
  • Dual Glazed Windows

Porch Windows

WeatherMaster™ Windows are a virtually maintenance-free window system made from ViewFlex vinyl. They come in 4 different tints and allow for 75% ventilation. With a variety of products and colors available, they’re an economical way to enhance any space while adding value to your home. Additionally, all vents are glazed with ViewFlex, which is a strong and durable vinyl available in clear, smoke, bronze, and dark gray tints or any combination of them.
  • 75% ventilation
  • Infinitely adjustable, stack up, stack down, bunch up in the middle
  • Perfect for under existing roof applications
  • View Flex vinyl glazing is more durable than glass, time tested for over 40 years
  • Full fiberglass mesh screen
  • Maximum width of 12ft. x 8ft. high
  • Stylish & contemporary designs
  • Adapts well with new construction
  • Fits into existing traditional frame openings
  • Backed by manufacturer factory warranty
  • Contractor Program that will give -30 Percent off Retail

Patio Covers

Solid Insulated Patio Covers

Sunspace has got you covered whether you need a roof over your deck or a carport. Their roof systems come in 3″ R-12, 4″ R-16, and 6″ R-24 thicknesses, chosen based on roof projection, snow load, and R value. The systems are durable with a high-density foam core and aluminum skins or OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Additionally, each system features an internal water trough to channel moisture away, heavy-duty extruded aluminum gutters, and fascia.
  • Panels up to 24″
  • Panels are full 48″ width
  • Available in 3″ R-12, 4″ R-16 & 6″ R-24
  • Strong enough to hold fans, lights & plants
  • Mono-slope or gabled roof skylights installed with ease
  • One piece gutter (up to 22″) with matching facia
  • Easy Installation – more labour-saving than previous methods
  • Aluminum stucco colours – White,
  • Driftwood & Bronze, (White panels are stock – colour panels will result in longer lead times)
Solid Panel Colours
Columns Square Colours
Columns Round Colours

Acrylic Covers

The Sunspace Acrylic Roof serves as both a patio cover and sunroom roof, offering long-lasting high light transmission. It’s built strong to provide protection against inclement weather and harmful UV rays without blocking natural light. The durable acrylic sheets are 100% naturally UV stable and soften harsh light. With a guaranteed retention of 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years, Sunspace Acrylic is a reliable choice.
  • Superior energy savings and heat control
  • Filters Harmful UV rays without blocking natural light
  • Highest light transmission
  • Even light distribution
  • Proven hail protection
  • Patented condensate control
  • Heaviest and most rigid panels
  • Non-shattering safety glazing
  • Integrated extruded aluminum gutter system
  • Strong enough to hold fans, lights and plants
  • Engineered to support heavy snow-loads
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Sunroom Cost

Want to upgrade your Saskatoon porch or deck to a delightful sunroom? With over 30 years of experience doing just that, Saskatoon Deck Shop has the experience to finish your project on time and on budget.


WeatherMaster vinyl windows are made with View Flex vinyl glazing which is more durable than glass. After an impact, the windows “self-heal” to go back to their original tension. Special care is required when cleaning these windows to prevent scratching or deterioration of the vinyl.

That depends on several different factors including local building codes, elevation off the ground, type of enclosure, etc. If a railing is required, Sunspace enclosures can incorporate picket, glass, or solid aluminum sections into the wall panels to satisfy the requirement. As all enclosures are custom designed and built, you can choose the option that best suits your budget and style.

You can. Adding a heater to your enclosure is one of the best ways to stretch the seasonal use of your space. We do recommend using an electric heater inside the enclosures as there is not always enough ventilation to use alternatives. Ensure that when you are using a heater that you follow the manufacturer’s usage guidelines.